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My name is K.J. Thies and I have been working with dogs for my entire life. I’ve shared my adult life with Bug, a border collie/red heeler mix, who was adopted in 2007. Bug is the main reason I pursued training, since herding dogs need immense amounts of training and enrichment to keep them happy, healthy, and not tearing apart the house. Working with Bug showed me that training without fear or aversion was not only doable but lead to a much deeper and loving partnership with my dog.

I have also worked in the dog daycare/boarding field for over a decade, gaining handing and care experience with a wide variety of dog breeds, sizes, and temperaments. I’ve seen and cared for a lot of dogs over the years.

I’ve been an Instructor at The Dogs’ Spot – Dog Training Center since 2020. I’ve instructed Reactive Dog I and II, Puppy Prep, and Surviving Adolescence, as well as assisting with many other classes.

In May 2021, I graduated from The Academy for Dog Trainers with a CTC (Certificate of Training and Counseling, learn about the program here.). The Academy for Dog Trainers is a rigorous 2-year program focusing on animal learning, applied behavior analysis, ethology, evolution, history of dog training, and so much more. Learn more about certificates and qualifications of dog trainers here.

Also in 2021, I’ve become a certified Fear Free Trainer and an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator. Staying current on the newest scientific studies and best practices is important, so I am constantly adding certifications as well as attending webinars, conferences, and programs that further my understanding of behavior and working with animals.

Bright Ideas Training, LLC was started in 2021, with the goal of changing dog’s (and their owner’s) lives. I want to help you and your dog have some Bright Ideas to help improve you and your dog’s relationship for a lifetime.

Qualifications and Ethos

Bright Ideas Training utilizes humane, evidence-based, fear-free, and aversive free training techniques. This means I will never train your dog using any method that scares, frightens, intimidates, bullies, physically hurts, or makes your dog uncomfortable. I believe training should be FUN and encouraging for everyone involved. Bright Ideas Training wants to help you foster a relationship with your dog on a basis of compassion and consent, not on compliance or compulsion.

Bright Ideas Training LLC will never use shock collars (e-collars, remote collars, stim-collars, other any other device designed to send an electrical pulse through the dog’s body), prong collars, citronella collars, choke chains, squirt bottles, and noise tools (containers that have items inside, designed to be shaken loudly and startle the dog).

If you are currently using one of the above devices on your dog and would like to stop using the devices, I would love to help you on your training journey! If you are currently using one of the above devices on your dog and wish to continue doing so, then I’m afraid I won’t be the right trainer for you. I truly believe training should be fun, engaging, and encouraging to the dog rather than punitive, and I stand by my commitment to use only force-free methods and devices.